The beauty of Silicone Consultancy.

In these difficult recessional times, perhaps the first cautious step to take when requiring information on silicones is to contact the website.

CompassThis site takes a fresh look at being the compass of your ideas and will direct you towards the perfect silicone solution or even the most appropriate way to process the chosen silicone elastomer.

Please don’t be shy and use this website to find a way of solving your design problems.

The problems you have are perhaps;

Product currently being used is being discontinued?

Can we clone or copy this material or improve it?

Is your current supplier letting you down?

Lot to lot consistency required?

Only a very small user but wish to source sporadically or even just once a year?

Environmental conditions are extreme?

High Purity required?


Need help with mixing your special fillers or ingredients?

Need help with dispensing?



Keep Britain manufacturing, let’s make sure this boat is being loaded with goods for export, and not for import.


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